Transparency Reporting Budget Salary Compensation

Fiscal Year 2023-2024

Fiscal Year 2022-2023   Budget

Personnel Expenditures-Info not available yet

Current Operating Expenditures-Info not available yet

Current Bargaining Agreements

  • The employees of Pittsfield Acres Academy are not represented by any union; therefore no collective bargaining agreements are utilized

Employer Sponsored Health Care Plans

Health Benefit Guide December 2023

Health Benefit Bids-Because our staff is hired through a 3rd party vendor, we did not request medical benefit plan bids for the 2023-24 school year.

Audited Financial Statements

Procurement Policy

Reimbursable Expenses Policy

Accounts Payable Check Registers

  • Info Not Available Yet

Reimbursed Expenses

  • Because our employees are hired through a 3rd party, we had no reimbursed expenses for the school year. We also had no reimbursed expenses for board members.

Employee Compensation Information

  • Employee Compensation Information-Not Available Yet

District Paid Association Dues

  •   MAPSA Membership $147

District Paid Lobbying Costs

  • Pittsfield Acres Academy does not participate in lobbying or utilize any lobbying services

Approved Deficit Elimination Plan

  • Pittsfield Acres Academy has not incurred a deficit

District Credit Card Information

  • No Credit Card Issued for the 2022-2023 school year

District Paid Out-of-State Travel Information

  • Pittsfield Academy did not participate in out of state travel for 2022-2023

Educator Evaluation Systems Postings and Assurances

 GEE Teacher Evaluation Guidelines

Marzano School Leader 1-3 Marzano School Leader 4-6  Marzano School Leader

Danielson Framework Teaching Smart Card Charlotte Danielson Framework for Teaching

2022-2023 Year End Benchmark Reporting 

2022-2023 Annual Expulsion and Crime Report

Charter Contract

ESP Service Contract

2023-2024 Preparedness and Response Plan




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